Energy Efficient Lighting

What is Energy Efficient Lighting?

Lighting  efficiency is known as efficacy and is measured in lumens per watt. A lumen measures light output from a lamp. All lamps are rated in lumens. The distribution of light on a horizontal surface is called its illumination. Illumination is measured in footcandles. A footcandle of illumination is a lumen of light distributed over one square foot of area. The amount of light required, measured in footcandles, varies according to the difficulty of a visual task. Ideal illumination is the minimum footcandles necessary to comfortably perform a task at the maximum practical rate of speed without eyestrain. Three categories of lighting by function are: - Ambient lighting - Task lighting - Accent lighting Matching new replacement lamps to existing fixtures and ballasts can be tricky. Let Greenlink Ventures, LLC help you produce superior energy savings, reliability, and longevity in your relamping projects as well as retrofits! Our complete line of energy efficient lighting products provides a whole array of lighting solutions. Call us at 787-243-2340 and let us help you decide how you can choose lighting products for your needs!