Why Use Sketch-it

The Sketch-it clipboard is an awesome tool that allows you to draw straight lines quickly and easily without using complicated rulers and protractors.

•Saves Time •Field Product

•Quick and Easy

•Professional Drawings

•Sketching on the run

  How It Works

How does the clipboard work? The clipboard has a specialized texture on the surface of the clipboard to assist the user while drawing straight lines. This textured surface is made up of thousands of small bumps. These bumps guide the pen or pencil point to draw a straight line. How do you use the clipboard? It's easy!

Place a sheet of paper on the Sketch-it clipboard. Align the top of the paper with the raised guides to ensure proper registration every time. Hold your pen or pencil at a slight angle and apply moderate pressure while drawing a straight line. If your pen or pencil start to skip, apply more pressure while holding your drawing instrument closer to the vertical position.

  Who's It For

The Sketch-it clipboard can be used in many types of industries from children to adults. Here are some examples: Students, DIY’s, Architects, Floor planners, Appraisers, Engineers, Contractors, Designers, Kitchen and Bathroom, Carpet installers, Landscapers, Educators, Real Estate agents, Children, Rehabilitation therapy, Hobby and Crafts, Woodworkers, Electricians, Theatrical, HVAC layouts plus anyone who likes to draw!!